‘Out-of-Store’ Shopping Options

2020 carries on…so do our constant service adjustments…here’s the latest on our situation.

As far as we’re concerned the situation is that best case we are open 7 days a week from Dec 2 for in store shopping; worst case is that lockdown continues. In either case here are our ‘out-of-store’ shopping options through to Christmas:

Four Stage Rocket £80

Delivery (within Waltham Forest and neighbouring parts)

Even though we’re not doing deliveries as we did in the last lockdown, if none of the suggestions below work for you, please email and we will work accommodate to your situation.

For all deliveries we can send remote payment links or offer curbside payment.

Please make all orders through email.

We are delivering in the following situations:

  • Large items (too big to carry, i.e. puppet theatre)
  • To people unable to leave the house
  • On behalf of out-of-town relations : We’ve had a lot of requests for help with out of town relations who’d like to support local shops…thank you! We’re going to be including prices in all our social media posts, and we’re working to post products on our website, but direct website sales will not be possible. You’re also welcome to come and take photos of your suggestions, make lists etc.

We are doing our best to update the website with as many items as possible, but it’s taking a long time.

We can hold multiple purchases for one household and deliver on a pre-arranged day.

If there is any change of situation, we will announce any adaptations we make.

*as we are a bicycle delivery service, we reserve the right to adjust delivery times in case of severe weather