Play Food and Cars Details

Since we’re not – and don’t intend to be – an online retailer, we’re not set up to display and sell our products online. We’re running an ad hoc delivery service until (if?) life returns to normal and we can open our shop up to the public again. I’ve been asked quite a bit about our role play and toy cars selections, so I’m posting these picture round-ups with price details below to guide your delivery requests. These aren’t exhaustive: there’s non-food related role play (like Doctor’s set, Tool box), and more Le Toy Van and Candylab cars available. If you’re interested in a visit from us, details are at the end of this post.

Play Food

From top left to right: Mixer Set £34.95; Smoothie Set £39.95; Popcorn Machine £29.95; Garden Salad set £25; Sushi set £22; Weigh Scales £19.95; Cupcakes (sorry, hard to see) £11.95; Chocolate Birthday Cake £15.95; Bakers Basket £14.95; 5 Fruits Basket £14.95; Fresh Fruit set £18.00; Toaster Set £29.95; Charcuterie Crate £15.50 (oops put it in twice); Pots and Pans set £19.95; Fish Crate £15.50; 6 Eggs £8.95; 4 Eggs (Haba) £9.35; Pasta Bag £5.95; Tea Bags Tin £8.80; Ice Lollies £14.95; Milk £2.45; Egg cup and Soldiers £11.95; Assorted Fruit, Veg, and Chocolate £2.45/each; Peppers £3.45; Grapes £6.85; Sunday Roast £19.95

Cars and other road vehicles

From top left to right: Camper Van £29.95, Budkyns People that Help Us set *special* £17.95; Stacking Fire Engine £14.95; Budkyns Fire Fighters £19.95; Big London Bus £49.95; Fire Engine £49.95; e-Racer Monza £18; Emergency Vehicles set £9.95; Playmobil Front Loader £8.95; Pull Back Racer set £14.95; NanoBlock Tour Bus £15; Magnetic Racer (other colours available) £13.90; Pull Back Car and Food Truck (other colours/foods available) £4.95; Candylab: Woodie £34.95, GT10 £28.95, Mini Taxi £18.95

From top left to right: Bertie’s Tractor £29.95; London Car Set £19.95; Little London Vehicle set £9.95; Retro Metro Car set £9.95; Playmobil Motorcycle £13.95; Lego Garbage Truck £13.95; Sand Play Dump Truck £10; Playmobil 4X4 with Canoe £22.95; Lego Barbeque Burnout £7.95; Candylab: Mini Woodie £22.95, Legend £34.95, Pink Flowmingo £38.95, The Ace £30.95, Surfman £34.95 w/Blue Camper £34.95, Assorted Candycars £10.95, Penicilin Roadster £28.95

Ordering Details

You can request a visit via email, comments section here, DM on Instagram, and text or call 0754 625 6685. If you have neighbours you know might need a Joy delivery, please let them know, we could be quite efficient if we’re getting streets organised!

When I come to your house we’ll need to coordinate our ‘social distance’: I’ll message you once outside, then you and one child at a time can shop the contents of my ‘shop’ whilst I maintain a 2m social distance, I will also don a respirator if you request this before my visit (I can’t breathe while wearing it cycling). All my software runs on mobile data so I can ring up your purchase from that distance and send it to the card reader. At each stop, I will wrap the card reader in a new piece of plastic wrap which I will ask you to dispose of once we’ve processed your payment.

If you know I have an item you’d like specifically, I will be happy to deliver anything from the shop you request.

Since I’m not on much social media, I’d appreciate any re-posts of this to places you think it might be needed.

Peace, love, and joy!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


mobile: 07546 256685